Julie Knutson - Marie Curie - Science and Technology SM

Marie Curie: Science & Technology

In The Science and Technology of Marie Curie, readers ages 9 through 12 explore Curie’s groundbreaking scientific research in physics and chemistry and discover how her work forced people to rethink the very structure of the surrounding world and the role of women within it.

Her commitment to understanding things the human eye can’t even see led to the discovery of two new elements―polonium and radium―and to the birth of a new field of research around radioactivity. In the process, she was the first woman to earn a Nobel Prize and the only person ever to win two Nobel Prizes in two different scientific fields, all as she reset society’s ideas about women’s roles in society.


Julie Knutson - Dish on the Dish - Cherry Lake

Dish on the Dish

The Dish on the Dish looks at the long history of mealtime staples, from pancakes to pizza.

Beginning with its first known plating, each book traces the migration and transformation of the recipe across cultures through today.


Julie Knutson - World War I - Great War to End All Wars - WWI - Nomad Press

World War I: The Great War to End All Wars

The basic human losses of World War I can be made plain with these staggering casualties: 9 million dead soldiers, 7 million civilian lives lost, millions more wounded. But those numbers only hint at the devastation of the Great War.

For ages 12 to 15, World War I: The Great War to End All Wars brings to light the key details of this critical point in history, which marked the transition to a modern era in which mass destruction became not only a possibility but a reality through military technologies a century in the making. By focusing not only on military life on the battlefields and in the trenches but also on anti-war protest movements, art and popular culture, home front efforts across the globe, and experiences in British and French colonies, this book shows how the war penetrated all corners of the world and impacted all of its peoples.


Julie Knutson - Unnatural Disasters - Cherry Lake - Series

Unnatural Disasters

With this series, young readers explore the causes and consequences of some of the most major environmental catastrophes of the past 100 years. Guided by compelling questions such as, "What led to these disasters?," "Who was impacted by them?," and "What changed in their aftermath?" this interdisciplinary series blends social studies and science content.


Julie Knutson - Changing Spaces - Cherry Lake - Series

Changing Spaces: Adaptive Reuse

The Changing Spaces series tells the stories of abandoned spaces and the people who reshape them into vibrant community centers.

The series also shows how moving away from a tear-down culture towards one of reuse helps tackle a host of critical challenges including climate change, affordable housing, and sustainable food systems.


Global-Citizenship-Nomad-Press-Julie-Knuston-Author-Childrens-Books-History-Social-Studies 1

Global Citizenship: Engage in the Politics of a Changing World

Basic human rights are guaranteed all over the world: the right to a safe environment, the right to a name and identity, the right to free expression, and the right to an education. But how exactly do you act for global impact, especially in a world in which which far-away events can seem impossibly distant?

Global Citizenship offers the resources and information children need to learn about issues of global concern and strategies for taking informed action on them. Each chapter centers upon different children’s rights outlined by the United Nations, focusing on the political, human, economic, environmental, and cultural guarantees born of our common humanity.


Julie Knuston - Parallel Lives - Cherry Lake

Parallel Lives in History

What can two figures who share a birth year tell us about the time and place in which they were born? What commonalities did they share in their experience of the world, and how did their experiences differ? This series explores the lives and legacies of two important figures born in the same year, examining the different struggles they faced and the way they responded to and shaped the world they were born into.


Nature's Makers- Julie Knuston - Author - Childrens Books - History - Social Studies

Nature's Makers Series

The Nature's Makers series takes a look at today's makers and farmers who produce organic and small batch products — from grains and veggies to ice cream and honey. Aligned to curriculum standards, these books also highlight key 21st-century content: global awareness, financial literacy, health and wellness, civics literacy, and environmental stewardship. Thought-provoking questions and hands-on activities encourage the development of critical life skills and social emotional growth.


Princes and Paupers - Julie Knuston - Author - Childrens Books - History - Social Studies

Princes & Paupers: Art of Jacques Callot

The full spectrum of society springs to life in the detailed etchings of Jacques Callot (1592–1635). This acclaimed French printmaker trained in Italy and later worked as a court artist for Cosimo II de’ Medici in Florence. Callot revolutionized printmaking by developing the process of hard-ground etching, and he applied his technical skills to depicting the world around him.

The extraordinary etchings featured in this book testify to Callot’s mastery of sacred and profane imagery. The authors delve into Callot’s techniques and subjects, ranging from humorous scenes inspired by commedia dell’arte to noble feasts, biblical events, and even the horrors of war. They also explore how the artist used characters from opposite ends of society to expose the complexities and injustices of his time. With his keen sense of observation, Callot held a mirror to European culture of the early 1600s, revealing both its tragic and humorous aspects.